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Postbyen will have a vibrant urban life with restaurants, cafés, cocktail and wine bars, and shops. Everything will be publicly accessible and will welcome both employees, residents, and guests from early morning ‘till late at night. Common for all actors and offers will be a focus on quality, sustainability, and health, as well as a wish to create a neighbourhood with room for communities and great experiences.

Eat a healthy breakfast with your children at one of Postbyen’s cafés before dropping them off, or meet your friends after work. In The Health Club, you will have access to physical therapists and training facilities, making it easy to book a time slot between meetings, and if you need inspiration at the end of the day, it’s easy to sign up for a class in The Outdoor Club, take a walk in the green surroundings, or pop down to the kayak rental by the harbour for a paddle’n’talk with your colleague.

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Central Copenhagen gets a brand-new neighbourhood. With Copenhagen Central Station next door, the area is developed, and the city and water are tied together in a new, green connection with open squares, green oases, and room for a sustainable, healthy, and diverse life – a perfect work/life balance.

  • Danske Bank domicile
  • The Stamp
  • Hotel Towers - Edyn
  • Apartment Towers
  • The Health Club
  • Villa Copenhagen
  • Postbyen’s Water Pavilion
  • Postbyen’s Playground
  • Social Housing
  • Student Housing
  • Office building 5,500m2
  • Office building
Danske Bank domicile

4,500 jobs
Canteen with public access

Designed by Lundgaard & Tranberg
To be certified with a LEED Gold

The Stamp

Dynamic full-service shared office facilities
2,000 jobs
Public restaurant, café, and wine bar
Grocery shop

To be certified with a DGNB Gold

Hotel Towers - Edyn

234 hotel apartments
Fully serviced and with own kitchen
Cocktail bar with a view
Restaurant, café, and bar

To be certified with a DGNB Silver

Apartment Towers

160 rental apartments with common rooms on the top floor

To be certified with a DGNB Silver

The Health Club

High-end training facilities, including reflexologists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, yoga instructors, training rooms, and shared facilities.
Physical therapists and health offers for residents, guests, and employees in Postbyen.
Café with healthy food and a smoothie bar.
The Outdoor Club, an outdoor training community with a running club, yoga, and functional training.

Villa Copenhagen

390 rooms and suites

Meeting and conference facilities for up to 1,200 people

Postbyen’s Water Pavilion

An eye-catching landmark in Postbyen. A playful element and meeting spot for children, adults, visitors, and residents to explore, experience, and enjoy.

Designed by Jeppe Hein

Postbyen’s Playground

A child-friendly neighbourhood. Designed and developed with the neighbourhood’s history as home to the Danish postal service in mind.

Social Housing

7,800m2 social family housing

Designed by Mangor & Nagel

To be certified with a DGNB Gold

Student Housing

7,800m2 student housing

Designed by Mangor & Nagel

To be certified with a DGNB Gold

Office building 5,500m2

5,500m2 office building

Designed by Mangor & Nagel

To be certified with a DGNB Platinum Diamond & Heart

Office building

6,500m2 office building

Designed by Mangor & Nagel

To be certified with a DGNB Platinum Diamond & Heart


A Historic Location in the Middle of Copenhagen

The location of Postbyen is unique and makes the neighbourhood accessible, no matter where you come from and whether you arrive by S-train, Metro, directly from the airport, or by car via the approach road into central Copenhagen.

The area was previously called Postgrunden and has been closed off, working as a postal centre since 1912. When the new neighbourhood is finished in 2027, it will be accessible to all and will ensure a connection between Copenhagen’s Bro districts (Vesterbro, Nørrebro, Østerbro, and Amagerbro) and the sea by Kalvebod Brygge.

Postbyen beliggenhedskort
minutes’ walk to Tivoli and Copenhagen Central Station
minutes by car to motorway
minutes by Metro to the airport
minutes by car to the Øresund Bridge


Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Social responsibility and sustainability are central to the development of Postbyen.

From the early days of the project, there have been clearly defined goals for the neighbourhood’s social responsibility and sustainability.

Urban Development with a Long Life

We live in a time with huge changes and with an awareness of the way everything we build, design, and consume will echo now and in the future. The intention is to create buildings and a neighbourhood reaching into the future, providing a Copenhagen-style interpretation of modern housing and office buildings in relation to urban development with a long life.

We are building a neighbourhood for Copenhagen as a whole, for more of the good life, for communities, breaks, and an active life. We celebrate initiatives and take responsibility. A simple mission of setting human needs and wishes at the centre of the development of a new neighbourhood while ensuring the least possible CO2 emissions for its future operations and throughout the neighbourhood’s life cycle.

  • Light, sound, and air
  • The Health Club and a good, healthy life
  • Diversity and communities
  • Functionally mixed neighbourhood
  • Mixed housing-types
  • Car-free neighbourhood
  • Safe urban environment
  • Reduced air and noise pollution
  • Collaboration and partnerships


Each building in Postbyen is built with LEED and DGNB certificates. With LEED and DGNB certificates, we work with a holistic approach to sustainability, in which both environmental, social, and economic aspects of sustainability are prioritised in the development of the new neighbourhood. Furthermore, the focus is on reducing CO2 emissions for its future operations and throughout the neighbourhood’s life cycle.

Group 81
Danske Bank domicile is LEED gold certified
Group 80
The four towers are certified DGNB silver
Group 79
The office building is to be certified DGNB platinum timber construction
Group 78
The Stamp is to be certified DGNB gold


Postbyen’s surroundings are created with a focus on green oases with biodiverse greenery to be used in both summer and winter. Our focus is on improving the area’s biodiversity and micro-climate, as well as creating green oases in the city, benefitting anyone who works in, lives in, or visits the neighbourhood.


visitors every day
parking spaces for bicycles
parking spaces for cars
ready for occupancy